Reboot Cricket's Culture

Steve Smith and his ‘leadership team’ decision to violate the rules of the game is the final product of a team culture that need a significant reboot.

While the coach and captain are instrumental in creating the culture that they believe is best for the team, there are many other parts which contribute, interact with and constantly change the culture.

The players are critical to maintaining and building the resilience of the culture.

The systems that support the team such as High performance, selection, contracting all play their role.

The CEO, other Cricket Australia senior managers and the CA Board all will impact the team culture at certain times.

And of course there are the external factors such as the ICC, the Laws of the game, the Spirit of the game, sponsors, media, and the public, all impacting a team culture.

With the event occurring through this tour in South Africa, it has become clear that a significant reboot of team culture is necessary.

It will be interesting to hear the words of James Sutherland today which should point to this future change and direction.

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