The new industry of Industrial Strength Wearables

eHatsystems is all about a new industry, called, “Industrial Strength Wearables”. We have a specific interest in using this class of wearable in the application of knowledge transfer services.

The problem we are solving is brought about because of increasing skill shortages. This problem is well documented as an emerging one and is already having an effect on productivity. This is particularly true for “in-field” operations. A job cannot be completed due to lack of specialist knowledge; a completed field job does not meet quality expectations; or, a job in the field takes longer to complete than it should. The resultant costs are enormous: extended repair and maintenance downtime, dispatch of senior technicians or experts, missed opportunities for junior staff to learn on-the-job, and sometimes, unfortunately, accidents.

The eHat solution to this problem allows “field staff” to communicate with a "live" link, ‘hands-free’ with supervisors and experts, at the work face, allowing both to engage interactively and safely with a common vision of the job at hand. This improves the quality of the job, speeds up decision-making and avoids unnecessary re-work costs. With the eHatsystems platform we want to empower field workers and will change the way they work with the inclusion of augmented and artificial intelligent systems.

The eHat is a certified, lightweight and balanced hard hat with integrated video camera, lights, headphones, microphones, batteries and a control panel, (see photo). The eHat communicates through a dedicated smartphone app and is embedded in a private cloud-based network that enables live streaming of video and audio over thousands of kilometres. Knowledge transfer is therefore made easy. We intend to produce another model will be developed with all the smartphone facilities built-in.

As an application developed within the Internet of Things, the value of the eHatsystems offering is enhanced further by services generated from storing, visual analysis and environmental server data. Examples of such services include video recording & analysis, sending of documents as well as Worker alerts to name a few. In the future, eHat will be used to provide "Augmented Visual Assistance" or AVA. Eventually, we believe an eHat wearer will receive live instructions from a intelligent machine in the cloud through visually analysis and storage data techniques.

We are an Australian Startup Company who is in process of commercialisation of its product and with the help of further investment, will have an international product very soon. We look forward to being part of the Victorian Group of the International Leaders organisation. 

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