Upskilling and Succession

How can my business deliver Upskilling and Succession?

For businesses to deliver innovation, growth and profitability, ongoing development of skills is vital. The ambition for business owners is to become redundant from the day-to-day operations and work on the strategic direction. Succession represents a critical component in the evolution of businesses. For succession to work, the founder must build a trusted team to take over operations. There must be clarity of roles and responsibilities and defined budgets to manage growth.

Case Study: Mont Marte

As a global leader in the arts supply sector, Mont Marte joined the Leaders community as it embarked on the next stage of expansion. Importantly, the business succession from one generation to the next was high on the agenda.

Through exposure to knowledge, connections and resources, Mont Marte redesigned their strategy and structure. To stay ahead of the game, this led to the transformation of digital infrastructure backed by best-of-breed systems and processes.


Our involvement with Leaders provided us with the framework and expertise to achieve our desired outcomes. This has been instrumental as we continue to plan and manage the future succession of the business from the founder.

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