Could this have been an email?

Time is precious and in a busy office you want to get the most out of your day. How many meetings have you been in and thought to yourself, this could have been an email? 

As a leader how do we effectively set an agenda where participants contribute, feel informed and part of the solution? Here are some strategies from global CEOs on what they have implemented in their workplace, to ensure everyone benefits from internal meetings. 

Jeff Bezoz, Amazon literally ensures everyone is on the same page for all meeting. No one is allowed to have an electronic device. All agenda items are attached to printed out meeting notes. At the start of the meeting everyone takes 30 mins to read through all the material. Then, they discuss the agenda items. This ensures that everyone is prepared and has read the necessary information to effectively participate. 

Emma Walmsley, CEO of GSK has a question for all employees to think about when creating a meeting. What is the purpose of the meeting, is it for awareness? If it is, then the simple answer is, it should be an email. Or is the meeting requiring decision input, if yes, then a meeting shall take place. The agenda must show clear ownership and accountability of that project by assigning the outcomes in the meeting. 

Another strategy is to take 5 mins at the end of the meeting and ask everyone what they thought of the meeting. What are the areas that could be improved on? Did we get fixated on a topic? Did we get side tracked? If there are multiple items on the agenda, ensure that each of the items have a time allotted to them. 

How can you make your workplace more efficient in meetings?

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