Make 2024 the year of engagement.

One thing is for certain and that is algorithms for Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are constantly changing. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your content stays relevant, engaging, and visible. 

LinkedIn changed their algorithm mid 2023 to ensure their community are finding value in their product. Post content that is valuable to your connections, knowledge sharing, or offering advice works best. Actively commenting and reposting content within your community is also favourable.

Here are a few tips to ensure your content is engaging throughout 2024. 


  •       Encourage meaningful content.
  •       Avoid requesting likes or shares as a call to action, as this can be flagged as spam. 
  •       Don’t create polls to artificially boost engagement. Instead, create something of substance, ask a question that could provoke some thought between your community for a more meaningful exchange between your connections. 
  •       Create content that is tailored for each platform. Don’t create the same content and share it across all your socials. What works for Instagram, doesn’t necessarily work for LinkedIn and vice versa. Remember, you are appealing to a different audience on each platform.
  •       Make it a habit to be active on your platforms, through responding, commenting, reposting, and sharing. 
  •       Commit to content. Posting twice a week is a healthy place to start.
  •       Find hashtags that are relevant to your post and don’t go overboard. 
  •       Be consistent in your content sharing, create a plan for 2024.
  •       Most importantly, be authentic. 

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