Why You Need to Train Your Leaders in Mental Health.

Kristina Dalgleish, Director, Health At Work. 

Employees are grappling with unprecedented levels of stress, trying to balance work and life amidst rising living costs, increasing KPIs, and looming deadlines. In such a scenario, if the workplace falls short of supporting their needs, employees are more inclined to search for new opportunities. The value placed on safety, happiness, and fulfilment has never been higher, with organisational culture playing a critical role in affecting employees' mental health and wellbeing. Leaders are uniquely positioned to shape this culture, having the power to either exacerbate stress or foster a nurturing environment that promotes mental wellness.

Why You Need to Train Your Leaders in Mental Health

Early Intervention and Support: Recognising signs of distress in employees is crucial for early intervention and support. It demonstrates care for the employees, preventing issues from escalating if not detected.

Avoiding Burnout: Unaddressed life stressors can lead to diminished focus and motivation.

Supportive leaders can prevent burnout and, if it occurs, offer resources to help employees

regain their usual capacity.

Improved Culture: Training managers to understand and support mental health sends a strong message: "We care about you." This not only enhances the workplace culture but also reassures employees of having a supportive ally at work.

Improved Engagement: Support fosters a conducive environment for employees to ask questions, propose ideas, and contribute effectively. Recognising and accommodating mental health issues enables managers to cultivate an engaged and collaborative atmosphere.

Training leaders is pivotal in positioning your workplace as an employer of choice and retaining a motivated workforce. In today’s digital age, where communication is instant, it's crucial that leaders engage with empathy and receive the proper training to ensure the workplace is perceived as safe and supportive. This investment in leader training not only enhances the wellbeing of each employee but also solidifies your organisation's reputation as a forward-thinking and caring employer. Ultimately, a well-supported team is the cornerstone of a thriving and resilient organisation, making leader training in mental health not just an option but a necessity for a truly supportive workplace culture.

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